Keetah Contractors


Keetah Contractors is a Gladstone based earthmoving business which was established in 2002 by brothers Simon & Nick Humble. They purchased an existing business which had been operating for some 30 years. They embarked on an expansion of the business which incorporated a significant investment in upgrade of the fleet of trucks and earthmoving equipment.

The business now operates one of the most modern fleets of Mack Trucks in Central Queensland and a large and modern fleet of earthmoving machinery.

The business operates under best practise in the NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme) running full fleet maintenance, mass and fatigue management.

The truck fleet also consists of PBS (performance based scheme) truck and quad dog trailers allowing maximum productivity from the trucks with carrying capacity increasing from 33 tonne to up to 39.5 tonne.

Safety is paramount in everything the business does and operate under a fully externally audited safety management system. The business provides earthmoving and transport services to large multinational corporations. The business also operates cartage services from numerous quarries in the Central Queensland region and also operates a fleet of grain and bulk haulage for numerous clients.

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